Bible Reference: Ephesians 2, Psalm 51

Tyler Hackwith (class of ‘14, Venture ’15) has a long history with MWSB. Tyler’s parents, Delvin & Cammy, were on staff at C Bar N/MWSB when Tyler was born and he has spent the last two years on campus as a student.

Tell us a little about your testimony and how God changed your life even up to deciding to come to MWSB.

In High School I was contently enveloped in the darkness. I sought any pleasure or experience that I believed would make me happy or anything that sounded remotely interesting. I attended a Bible Camp before my senior year in High School and God revealed Himself to me in a very real way that week, but I never resolved to surrender my life to Him completely. Actually, MWSB was my last choice for college. God had definitely began to work in my heart prior to coming to school, but I still sought my own kingdom. God, in perfect sovereignty, picked me up and brought me to a place that He would soon use to completely change my life.

How has God used life at MWSB to make you into who you are now?

I believe that I am who I am now thanks to my parents laboring in prayer for my soul. I know my mom especially prayed incessantly that God would save me from the path I was walking. God answered those prayers and brought me to a school where I was surrounded by people seeking Him, encouraged to immerse myself in the Scriptures and in prayer, and where I heard hard truths spoken clearly and often. I am probably most thankful for the great mentors who patiently poured into my life these past two years.

How did God use the tight-knit community of MWSB to teach you about the Gospel?

He revealed a lot of sin in me through the community of MDUB. I began to see selfishness and greed and all other manners of unrighteousness, especially in my second year there. When you develop such close friendships that are centered around Jesus, you began to naturally challenge one another and encourage one another to imitate Him and seek Him fully.

Was there a reoccurring theme or scripture that God used during your time at MWSB?

The theme that I had day in and day out was the truth of the Gospel. Constant reminders of what the Gospel message is and how vast its implications are. Ephesians 2 was a chapter that I continually heard and came back to. Dead in your sins- but God stepped in and changed everything. It’s a glorious passage. I also began to treat Psalm 51 as my own personal Psalm. I continually come back to this beautiful Psalm in repentant prayer.

Is there a specific fear or hardship that God has helped you to overcome?

Next year I am pursuing a ministry degree. This last year at MWSB, God gave me such a peace about pursuing this path rather than a secular degree. I have battled against the world’s agenda and its definition of success. I have battled with comparing my aspirations to serve Him with the goals and success of my extremely talented friends and family. It sounds so lame, but I so easily buy into these agendas and ways of thinking, but God is continually pushing me to glorify Him in my work.

What do you think about your brother Tanner coming to MWSB this next school year?

Man, I am so incredibly excited. I remember my first year of school he came to the retreat weekend. I remember praying for him every day that God would grab ahold of him and that he would have a desire to spend a year studying the Scriptures here. I am excited to see what God will do.

What are you planning to do now?

I am planning to attend Moody Bible Institute in Spokane, WA. I don’t quite know what I will be studying. My heart is to bring the Gospel to people that don’t have a means of hearing it.

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