“Follow Me: 8 Qualities of a True Disciple of Christ”

What are the qualities of a true disciple of Christ? Jesus shows us eight things in His famous exhortation in Matthew 16:24-27.

Becoming Nothing

The famous Philippians 2 passage that highlights the humility of Jesus challenges us to be self-forgetters (“become nothing”) for the glory of God.

Save the Storks

MWSB alumni Joe Baker ’02 has created an innovative way to help abortion-minded mothers choose life foe their unborn babies.

Tyler Hackwith ‘14

MWSB has been a special ministry for Tyler Hackwith ’14 (Venture ’15) and his family. Tyler’s parents were on staff for several years, brother Dustin attended MWSB in 2003-04 and his brother Tanner is attending MWSB during the 2015-16 year.

Unconditional Love

What does unconditional love really mean? In this message, pastor Tyler Velin discusses how both the culture understands this idea and what the Bible has to say about the topic.

Guy Bergstrom ’86

Guy Bergstrom ’86 is the youth pastor at Buffalo Covenant Church in Buffalo, MN and has influence many students to come to MWSB since he was a student.

Rachel Law (Anderson) ’13

Rachel Law (Anderson) class of 2013 (venture 2014), came to MWSB from Wibaux, Montana. Rachel grew up as the oldest of four, all girls! Her sister, Rebecca, is a first-year student this year at MWSB. Here are some of Rachel’s thoughts on life at MWSB, leadership lessons learned during her Venture year, and what community life at MWSB has taught her.

The Lord Will Establish Your Plans

I’m new here on staff at MWSB and as I’ve been thinking of what to write for the newsletter devotional, I have to admit it’s felt a little daunting. I can only share what God’s been teaching me recently and I hope and pray it might encourage you. It has been just over 15 years […]

Persevering Through Sanctification

Last week I took on the challenge of ascending Steamboat for the first time. Since I arrived to MWSB pregnant and have since spent my days with my sweet little Kade, I haven’t had the opportunity or desire to attempt the climb. I finally talked myself into it this past Saturday and went with one […]

Mackenzie South (Wynne) ’12

Mackenzie South (Wynne) (class of ’12, Venture ’13) came to MWSB following her brother, Logan, who spent two years here. We caught up with Mackenzie to hear from her how God has been using her time at MWSB to shape her. Here’s what she had to say.

Praying the Lord’s Prayer

I want to highlight 2 phrases of the Lord’s prayer found in Matt 6:9-13. As I have been reading this passage God has spoken to my heart in a powerful way. I pray that he will use his word to do the same for you. “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name, Your kingdom […]

John Erickson ’93

Why did you attend MWSB? I wasn’t sure at that time. I knew I needed a change in life. I thought that it would be a good thing. What did God do in your year here? He made the Gospel clear to me, I repented and surrendered my life to Him. I grew as a […]

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