Mackenzie South (Wynne) (class of ’12, Venture ’13) came to MWSB following her brother, Logan, who spent two years here. We caught up with Mackenzie to hear from her how God has been using her time at MWSB to shape her. Here’s what she had to say.

What has been your favorite MWSB moment?

One of my favorite moments this year was on our backpacking trip. Towards the end of our day of hiking Rachel and I came across a patch of wild onions. We were so excited to pick some and bring them back for dinner! Once we got to camp we set them down by the fire and took a seat. One of the guys who was stoking the camp fire reached over and grabbed our onions and tossed them into the fire not realizing what they were! We couldn’t speak fast enough so all we could do was watch them burn! All our work gone! We just had to laugh.

What has been the most unique class you have taken?

I would say that Spiritual Disciplines class was most unique for me because we put it into practice right away during our 48-hour solo. Mark Workman taught the class with such passion that it was contagious! He re-inspired my love for journaling and showed me it can be more than just a legalistic routine.

Have you learned anything this year that has surprised you?

Yes! The gospel is something that I thought I knew really well before this year, but God has shown me more of that message in new and deeper ways. I’ve learned more about how it is a theme throughout the whole bible, not just the New Testament.

Has there been a “theme” God has been showing you?

God has been showing me a lot about the idea of encouragement; the value of it, how it works specifically with different kinds of people, and how encouragement can go a long way in someone’s day.

What do you think of the community life here?

This is a small community. It’s sometimes hard, but also very good. I think it’s good in the sense that you get to know the people around you very well and they know you too. We can encourage one another or call each other out in specific ways because we are all so close.

Do you find yourself doing anything here that you never thought you’d do?

Yes! Winter camping, the outdoor classes, and climbing steamboat mountain!!

In what ways do you see changes in yourself since first coming here?

I have been challenged and grown to make my beliefs my own. I have stopped just accepting the things I hear as truth, but instead I look it up for myself. I have begun looking into Scripture to see what it says so that I know more than just hearing it from someone. I have wanted to know what scripture says about how I should live so that I know why I live the way I do and why I believe the things I do. Things that I used to do just because they were the right thing to do, I now do because I know and believe those things through studying God’s word.

How do you want to be living in the next 3-5 years?

Wherever I go, I want to be a person who walks through life, sees the needs of the people around me, and is willing to respond. I want to be open to the needs God reveals to me and be obedient to meet those needs however I can.

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