Bible Reference: Hebrews 12:1-2

Charles Spurgeon was converted upon hearing and obeying God’s invitation, “Look to Me and be saved” (Isa. 45:22). He later wrote, “Look!” what a charming word it seemed to me. Oh! I looked until I could almost have looked my eyes away.”

Theodore Monod wrote, “Looking unto Jesus. Only three words, but in these three words is the whole secret of life.” If Monod oversimplified life’s secret, Ignatius of Antioch missed the memo. The first-century Bishop exhorted the Ephesians, “Apart from Christ, let nothing dazzle you.” Isaac Ambrose was also captivated, and demonstrated that Looking Unto Jesus deserved 700 pages of his most careful, biblical attention. Many, many other Christ-followers have raised the same flag.


The theme of the book of Hebrews is contained in the words, “Fix your eyes on Jesus” (Heb. 12:2). With breathtaking wonder, every syllable of the epistle shines with the unsurpassed brilliance and beauty of our Savior. Hebrews shows us that Jesus is the Creator (1:2, 10), Who beams with the radiance of God’s glory, possesses God’s nature, and upholds the cosmos by His powerful word (1:3). Unsurprisingly, then, all the angels worship Him (1:3-5). He will soon flex His omnipotence and fold the universe like a piece of laundry, and prop His feet on His enemies (1:10-13). That’s the real Jesus. Fix your eyes on Him!

Every facet of Christ’s beauty is worth an eternity’s meditation and praise. Astonishingly, Hebrews’ main portrait of Jesus depicts Him bleeding and dying for our salvation. Pause, friend, and lay your hand over your mouth in worshipping wonder. Fix your eyes on Him!

Heaven’s Favorite took on flesh and blood for your redemption (1:3; 2:14-18). Weep for joy! Countless thousands of Old Testament priests offered blood upon the altar, and not one sacrifice removed a single sin (10:4). But, Jesus, “tasted death” “once for all time” “to sanctify you forever” “through His own blood” (2:9-10; 9:14, 23-26; 10:10). Oh, glorious gospel! “Sinner, will this not suffice?


True Christianity hinges on the Person and work of Christ. Who Jesus is, and what Jesus has done, is the epicenter of biblical faith and life. Any who are uninterested in “fixing their eyes on Him,” regardless of their profession, are unchristian (cf. Heb. 6:3-8; 12:1-2). Conversion is the Holy-Spirit-wrought-miracle in which God opens our eyes to see His glory in the face of Christ (cf. Heb. 1:1-3; 2 Cor. 4:3-6; Col. 1:15-23). This bears one important point: If we are to live and think distinctly as Christians in the face of a confused and confusing culture, we must know the glory of God.

Every facet of Christ’s beauty is worth an eternity’s meditation and praise.

To know God’s glory is like knowing the sun. We can see it in pictures and paintings, or hear about it in books and songs, but in order to really understand it we must experience its rays, feel its warmth, squint at its brightness. This means that any sort of gospel command is useless if we don’t know the saving truth of the gospel. To know God’s glory as a motivation for action is to know salvation at a personal level. If we struggle with gospel living, the first thing we must examine is our understanding and emotion towards the cross of Jesus.


In a late night talk with Nicodemus, Jesus said the new-birth depends on believing that His cross can heal us from sin’s mortal wound, like looking upon Moses’ bronze serpent healed Israelites from the serpent’s bite (cf. John 3:14-16; Num. 21:6-9). Paul described the Christian life as a Christ-centered chrysalis in which the Spirit transforms those who behold Christ’s glory (2 Cor. 3:18). All true saints ache for the day when we will see our unfathomably glorious Lord “face to face” (Heb. 12:22-24; 13:14; 1 Cor. 13:12; Eph. 3:8). Soon, the same joy that sustained our Savior as He suffered for our sins will be our eternal delight (Heb. 12:2). For on that day, we will finally be with Jesus forever so that we can behold His glory (John 17:24).

Dear friend, fix your eyes on Jesus! (Heb. 12:2).


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Jordan Thomas

Jordan is the Preaching Pastor of Grace Church in Memphis, TN where he has served since 2006. You can follow him on twitter @PastorJordan.