This article first appeared in our fall 2012 newsletter.

Why did you attend MWSB?

I wasn’t sure at that time. I knew I needed a change in life. I thought that it would be a good thing.

What did God do in your year here?

He made the Gospel clear to me, I repented and surrendered my life to Him. I grew as a young believer and grew in understanding the Word of God and the life of faith.

What are some milestones of things God has done in your life?

He has allowed me to grow in a maturing faith in Christ and helped me to see that Christ is supremely valuable and precious! He has given me a beautiful and wonderful wife and six children for whom I am very thankful. He allowed me to serve on the pastoral staff at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis for 10 years.

Where are you at now and what are you doing?

I now have the joy of serving as the lead pastor of Jubilee Community Church in inner-city Minneapolis, in the community I grew up in. We are seeking to make disciples and future leaders from among the very diverse peoples of our community.

What words would you share with current MWSB students as well as alumni?

The Gospel is a message we each need daily. We need to be reminded that we are deeply sinful and yet God is amazingly loving. He has saved us not on the basis of our performance or earning but because of His mercy and love. That means we can rest from trying to perform for God or boasting in our works and simply give Him the glory and surrender ourselves to Him more and more every day. If the Lord has burdened your heart for cross-cultural disciple making in the inner city context look us up. And remember there is nothing more satisfying than pursuing the unsearchable riches of Christ in your life!

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