Bible Reference: Isaiah 41:9-11

C Bar N & MWSB’s Board of Directors are excited to announce the hiring of Paul Hill as the ministry’s next Executive Director. Below is a letter from Paul.

As the next leader of C-N Mission and MWSB, I am excited to introduce myself and share the journey God has taken our family on, leading us to join the incredible team already in place. God has clearly blessed the ministry over the years and our family is excited to give our life and gifts to what He holds for the future. My wife Kassi and I have always tried to follow the call of God in our life, no matter where it led. His calling has taken us to the camping ministry, to church ministry, and to international missions multiple times. That same call is the center of our story now. After we learned the board of MWSB was seeking a new director, we felt God leading us to inquire and see where He might lead.

It feels like this journey started many years ago when I began to learn about MWSB through my brother, brother-in-law, other family and college friends who attended the school as students. They all spoke, without exception, of the powerful things God did in their lives during their time in the Dearborn Canyon. It was during those years that God began to give my heart affection for this ministry. The power of God’s Word was clearly on display as the staff and faculty of MWSB had invested in the lives of those students.

Since last August, when we first learned about the search for a new director, God has taken us on a journey of confirming His will in very clear ways. Sometimes His leading was evident on a daily basis and other times it was shown over the course of several weeks. As this process began I knew it was important that we be incredibly sure that God might be calling us to a new ministry, so I committed to pray every single day. My prayers were to ask God that He lead us through a series of opening, or closing, doors. Kassi and I have always felt led to ask God to show His will through opening doors of opportunity rather than comparing one situation to another. This process was no exception. God systematically led us through one door after another. Those doors included mission match, ministry fit, what our children felt, what our parents thought, counsel from trusted friends and advisors, chemistry with the board and staff, and many other things. The final door was God granting both Kassi and I a quiet, confident peace that He was leading and, in turn, asking us to respond to His call. It really came down to a matter of obedience.

God has always been faithful to lead through His calling. Shortly after graduating from the Masters College in 1988, I worked for a Boys & Girls Club in Tacoma, Washington. Then God called me to Island Lake Camp, where I served as the Director for over 14 years. For the past 11+ years I have been happily serving, under the calling of God, as the Executive Pastor at GracePoint Church in Bremerton, Washington.

As I look back over the years of God’s faithfulness, I am confident and excited for the future that is sure to be filled with the same. Just as God’s blessing and provision has been present in the past, I know it will continue to be abundant in the future. I am confident that if God has called us to join this new ministry, He will be faithful to bless and provide. In fact, I depend, expect and anticipate the outpouring of this blessing on the future of C-N Mission and MWSB. I look forward to getting to know alumni, parents, teachers and partners of this ministry. I am confident God will use all of us to bless and provide for the future of this ministry. Most importantly, I look forward to God infusing His Word in the lives of our students and empowering them, through His Spirit, to impact our world.

Isaiah 41:9-11 “I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you. I said, ‘you are my servant;’ I have chosen you and have not rejected you. So, do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

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Paul Hill

Paul is the Executive Director at C Bar N Ministries. He is married to Kassi and they have five daughters: Morgan, Taegen, Danika, Bradi and Gracie. You can follow him on twitter @PaulHil12091964.