At MWSB, we believe that in the same way the strength of a house is dependent on its foundation in order to stand, so is the Christian on Jesus Christ and His Word. C-N Mission offers a one-year Bible school program because we believe the world needs more Christians who are daily dependent on Jesus and know and believe in His Word. Our desire as a ministry is to see young men and women learning to walk intimately with their Savior and become reliant on His Word in the same ways we are in need of life’s other essentials. We believe that if a Christian’s foundation is not laid, it will be difficult to be a godly person in all other contexts of life.

So we invite you to apply to our one-year Bible school and spend 9 months building a foundation on Jesus and His Word.

Come invest two semesters to build a Biblical foundation in the wilderness of Montana

Since 1981, students have come from all across the United States and the world to invest two semesters in the Rocky Mountain wilderness of Montana to study God’s Word and learn what it means to follow Him. We invite you to get to know us and be a part of an experience and education that will last a lifetime.

Life at MWSB

In seeking to fulfill C-N Mission’s Vision, through MWSB we hope to proclaim God’s Word, provide biblical teaching, and produce Christ-following disciples. The way we accomplish this is through classroom instruction, personal relationships, and experiential learning.

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Throughout the year, students attend class Monday to Friday, from 8:50 AM to lunch. The curriculum is centered on teaching the Word of God to our students. Topics include books of the Bible, biblical topics and themes, and other relevant subjects for Christian living. Students also have chapel every Wednesday from 8:45 to 10 AM.

Course Schedule & Instructor List


MWSB has a wide range of instructors that come from all over to teach our students. Instructors come from other Bible schools and seminaries. Many of our teachers are local pastors who are on the front-lines of ministry. Some of our residency staff teach courses as well. All of our teachers are committed to holistically and rightly teaching the Word of God.

Listen to Chapel Messages

Set the believers an example (1 Tim 4:12)

At MWSB we believe that one of the ways in which God works to move His people to spiritual maturity in Jesus is through the encouragement, example, and accountability of other Christians. Our resident staff has been specifically hired to build relationships with our students and exemplify a life that is pursuing Christ daily. Our staff meet with students throughout the year to help students process what they have been learning, encourage them in what God is teaching them, and share life with each other. Many students have said that the staff was a huge part of what defined their year at MWSB. As a staff, we are extremely humbled by the idea of living our daily lives so intimately before our students, but thankful to God for the opportunity to see Him work in the lives of our students.

Meet Our Staff

Life Together

One of the most unique aspects of MWSB is our community. Since our staff lives on campus, a family-like atmosphere is created with each new class. All students are assigned to a community group that meets weekly in the different staff homes.

Students experience life together, often in new and deeper ways than they have experienced before. MWSB is a place where lifelong friendships are made.

Recreational Opportunities

Since our school’s location is so unique, there are many opportunities for our students to enjoy and explore God’s creation. Some of the activities that our students have been involved with in the past are: hiking, camping, ice climbing, fishing, hunting, cliff jumping, rock climbing, caving, and repelling. On campus, we have a weight room, basketball gym with a volleyball court, the “Hob Nob” coffee shop, and a rock climbing room. To gain a better understanding of the opportunities for exploring God’s creation while at MWSB, check out our location video.

Location Video

Backpacking Trip

During the third week of school, all of our students participate in a six-day, five night backpacking trip through the Bob Marshall Wilderness area. The feedback from our students in the past is that God uses this week to speak clearly in a setting with less distractions in one of the most beautiful places in all of creation.

Moab, Utah

The last week of the school year, all students and staff travel the near 800 miles south to Moab, Utah to spend a week in the warm weather together, reflecting and celebrating all that God has done throughout the year. Each day we also explore the different national parks that this area of the country has to offer.

We have peace with God through Jesus Christ Romans 5:1

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MWSB still have room for the class of 2016-17?

Male and female enrollment for 2016-2017 is still open and we are currently accepting applicants. If you have any questions concerning the application process, please contact Heidi Summitt at:

Can I schedule a campus visit? What are the lodging options?
We always encourage campus visits. We have a Guest Cabin available for rent, which includes three meals during your stay. If the Guest Cabin is not available the day you plan to visit, there are a few lodging options in Augusta, Great Falls, and Helena. Please contact Heidi Summitt for more information:
Does C-N Mission have a church or denominational affiliation?
No. We are an inter-denominational organization that teaches the Word of God. Please visit our doctrinal statement (beliefs) for specific information.
What are some characteristics of MWSB’s ideal student?
We like sinners that see their desperate need for a Savior! We are looking for students who desire to follow Jesus and trust in Him alone and, therefore, want to know and understand what He says in the Bible.
Are there opportunities for outreach and ministry while I am at MWSB?
Yes. We do our best to live out what we are learning in the classroom. We are always looking for opportunities to serve the local church, families, and neighbors. In addition, MWSB students run a “Kid’s Club” in Augusta every Tuesday. School aged students from the community come and are shared the Gospel. In relation to life on campus, there are always multiple worship teams for our weekly chapel service and Sunday morning church in Augusta.
What do I need to bring to school with me?
  • towels
  • bedding for a single bed
  • desk lamp
  • warm jacket, boots, hat, gloves, etc…
  • laundry soap and laundry basket (quarters for the dryers, washing machines free) (iron and ironing board available in laundry rooms)
  • your own cold, flu, pain medication
  • alarm clock
  • computer printer paper for your homework etc.
  • book bag for carrying books to class
  • posters or pictures for walls (please bring “sticky tac” – no tape or tacks allowed!)
  • computer (the students do have access to two computers for word processing)
  • your favorite games or movies (please be discerning about movies that you bring)
  • musical instruments
  • tennis racquets, softball glove, swimming suit
  • formal dress for Christmas and Spring banquets
YOU WILL ALSO NEED: (for the “Natural Revelation” class)
  •  A small flashlight (or head lamp)
  • Rain jacket or poncho
  • Water bottles (Nalgenes work great)
  • Light weight pants
  • A tin cup
  • Good socks
  • Backpack
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Ground Pad
  • Hiking Boots
I don’t really like being outdoorsy. Why should I come to MWSB?
Not everyone who attends MWSB is “outdoorsy.” Many simply desire to live holy lives, separated from distractions so they can focus on God’s Word and His Truths. A one-week course, “Natural Revelation” takes place outside on a backpacking trip. There are multiple options for every student from a 75 mile trip to a five mile trip – YOU choose according to YOUR comfort level and ability.
I’ve already started college. Why should I come to MWSB?
Many MWSB students attend secular colleges and even Christian Colleges prior to enrolling at MWSB. Desiring to build a firm foundation, they take a break from their four-year college and invest one year to study God’s Word.
I just finished, or about to finish, high school. Why should I come to MWSB?
MWSB is the perfect place to build a firm foundation in God’s Word. The world’s distractions and temptations are distant and the time set apart for specific and diligent focus on God’s Truth is priceless. There is no better way to begin your adult life than by spending a year in careful pursuit of Jesus Christ.
How do I get to your campus?
Coming From Great Falls
  • Take Interstate 15 North to Highway 200
  • Go west on 200 until you reach Highway 21
  • Drive West on 21 until you reach Highway 287
  • Turn south onto 287 and go straight through Augusta
  • 287 will turn into Highway 435 and you will go 10 miles on this until you reach the gravel.
  • Go straight on the gravel for 5 miles and then turn right at the stop sign.
  • Go 6 miles and you will come to our gate.
Coming Form Missoula
  • Take Interstate 90 South to the Highway 200 Exit
  • Go east on Highway 200 to the intersection of Highway 287
  • Go North on 287 for 4 miles and turn left onto the gravel
  • Travel 8 miles on the gravel and then take a left turn at the Y
  • Travel another 9 miles and you will arrive at out gate
Coming From Helena
  • Take Interstate 15 North to the Highway 287 Exit
  • Travel 287 and go across Highway 200
  • Go North on 287, 4 miles past 200 and take a left onto the gravel
  • Travel 8 miles on the gravel and then take a left turn at the Y
  • Travel another 9 miles and you will arrive at out gate
What do students typically do after their year at MWSB?
The possibilities are endless. Many of our students attend a four-year college following their year at MWSB. Others begin the membership process with a mission organization. We also have a second year program (Venture Program) at MWSB for six students each year. Students are encouraged to follow God’s lead after their year at MWSB. Young adults leaving MWSB are well equipped to share their faith in Jesus Christ wherever the LORD leads them. The foundation that is built in hearts, after a year at MWSB, is priceless and will bud fruitful lives for years to come.
Is MWSB accredited? Do the credits that I earn at MWSB transfer to other schools?
MWSB is NOT accredited, but there are other Bible schools that accept transfer credits. A few of these schools include: Montana Bible College – Bozeman, MT; Oak Hills Christian College - Bemidji, MN; Briarcrest College and Seminary – Caronport, SK; Northwestern College – St. Paul, MN; Multnomah University – Portland, OR; and Warner Pacific College – Portland, OR.
What are the important dates that I need to know for the upcoming year?
Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dorms open

Spring semester tuition payment due in full

Cafeteria opens at supper

Monday, January 4, 2016

Spring semester begins

Friday, February 26, 2016

Spring break begins and continues through March 7. Campus closes during this week. Cafeteria closes following breakfast on Saturday, February 27, and reopens on Saturday, March 5 at supper.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Classes resume

Friday, April 29, 2016

Semester ends

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Graduation at 10:00 am

Class of 2016-17 dates:

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dorms Open and Registration begins at 1 PM

Fall semester payment due in full

Monday, August 22, 2016

Fall Semester begins

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall Break begins after class at 12:30 PM. Class resumes Monday, October 10.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Fall semester ends, winter break begins

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Dorms open

Spring semester tuition payment due in full

Cafeteria opens at supper

Monday, January 2, 2017

Spring semester begins

Friday, February 24, 2016

Spring break begins and continues through March 6. Campus closes during this week. Cafeteria closes following breakfast on Saturday, February 25, and reopens on Saturday, March 4 at supper.

Monday, March 6, 2016

Classes resume

Friday, April 28, 2016

Semester ends

Saturday, April 29, 2016

Graduation at 10:00 am

What is the application process for a potential student?
You can apply to MWSB one of two ways. Log onto our website: and click on the “Apply Now” button. We can also mail you an application. Simply email our registrar, Heidi, at and request an application be mailed to you. There is a $25.00 application fee upon submission. Upon our receipt of your application information form, a mailing is sent to the address supplied by you. Within this mailing are clear instructions to the applicant. Along with an autobiography, the applicant will be required to provide: Health History Form, Employer Reference Form, Pastor Reference Form, and two Friend Reference Forms. We also require an official transcript to be provided from your High School or Home School or a copy of your GED Certificate.
How much does MWSB cost? What’s included in the cost? Is financial aid available?
Tuition, fees, books, room deposit and technology fee add up to $9,200.00 for the 2015-2016 school year. Upon acceptance, we collect a non-refundable $350.00 matriculation fee (deposit). This fee is applied to tuition upon Fall Semester registration payment. Financial aid is NOT available. Payment schedule is as follows: $350.00 (Due in order to reserve a spot in the class); $4,250.00 (Due on registration day fall semester); $4,600.00 (Due before classes resume second semester)
What makes MWSB different from other Bible schools or one-year programs?
There are three things that make MWSB distinct from other programs—our location, our staff-student relationships, and our commitment to proclaim the Gospel in all our teaching. We are located at the edge of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, consisting of 1.5 million acres of designated wilderness in the NW corner of Montana. Students are set apart from our busy culture, away from many distractions, allowing them to focus on God’s Word and the work He is doing in their hearts. All of our staff lives on campus, which creates a family-like atmosphere. Each student will meet with a staff member throughout the year for encouragement in his or her Christian life. Students will also experience hearing the Gospel message preached in every class and chapel and in meeting times with the staff throughout the year.

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Storiesfrom our Students

Dylan W.Fairfield, MTClass of 2013
Dylan W.Fairfield, MTClass of 2013
"I came to M-dub for the purpose of getting absolute certainty in my faith. I have always had doubts in my walk with Jesus, whether it was about if I truly believed in Him or was really saved. College football and the desire to get a degree that would enable me to get a high paying career was on my mind and was the other option to go for. But I knew, through prayer and the encouragement of a few fellow believers during my junior year in high-school that this is where I should go. I have come to camps at the school before during the summers, but going to school there was a completely different rodeo. The Lord used mdub in my life to help me to see areas where I have been deceived. Reading God’s word, getting into a lifestyle of prayer and devotion towards Christ began revealing areas of unrecognized sin. The closer I got to Jesus the more He revealed the areas of the “flesh” that I was living in. Becoming more like Jesus wouldn’t have seemed like much of a sacrifice if I had held things in life a little more loosely. Jesus exposed a lot of pride in me that year and it was hard to let go of some stuff. At MWSB, Jesus can radically change you, but he can also do that else-where. Making m-dub “the” place to find God was a dangerous road that I was on at first. A faith like that is built on circumstance and not the Creator. I have been tested so far at college in Butte, MT for that very thing. Circumstances (and people) haven’t been the greatest at times, and Jesus has revealed to me and has been helping me not have my feelings guide my faith. God is so much greater than our circumstances, because He has given Himself to us and dwells in us! New life, new nature, freedom, His word and Himself…really, what more do you need? During my time at mdub, Jesus showed me how much I was letting the “external” things control my “internal.” I wasn’t walking in the freedom that Christ HAS given. MWSB, I guess I could say, was a time of revelation, and if there is revelation it of course requires response. Living a life now in response and obedience through faith towards the God “who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to Him be the glory…”-Eph 3:20,21a
Jessie T.Colorado Springs, COClass of 2013
Venture 2014
Jessie T.Colorado Springs, COClass of 2013
Venture 2014
"I was just about to finish up my Associates of Applied Sciences in Interior Design Degree, but wasn't sure that I wanted to move forward with that career. Through a friend, I explored other options for my next year, and Bible College was one of those options. I knew of MWSB from going to church family camps as a kid here, but I didn't know very much. Through the Lords provisions financially and circumstantially, I was able to make it to MWSB for the 2012—2013 school year. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I knew one thing: I would learn and grow much deeper in my relationship with Christ. I had no clue what that would exactly entail or where the Lord would bring me through the year, but I was excited. One of the biggest things the Lord revealed to me was that the Christian walk is not based on works. I had previously been doing life to give a good outward appearance, but that wasn't working. The Lord demonstrated for me his desire for me to know him more and more; furthermore, I began exploring the word more on my own and seeking a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I had grown up in the church, but it never seemed to click that this life is not about doing, but it's about knowing Christ. As my love for Christ grows, my desire to serve him grows. Once again by the Lords provision, I am back at MWSB for the second year program. The Lord is constantly teaching me new things about Himself and myself, how to apply what I learned last year, and how to be a gospel-centered leader.
Silas G.Huntsville, ON (Canada)Class of 2012
Silas G.Huntsville, ON (Canada)Class of 2012
"Early in high school, I already had it planned that I would attend a one-year Bible college after finishing school. By the time my grade 11 year (or Junior year for you Americans) came around, I basically decided against that plan; I would instead just “get on with my life” and go to university. However, God had a different plan and called me to commit one year of my life for the purpose of growing in Him. I had little idea of what that entailed, and when I arrived at MWSB I was not sure what God had in store for me there. Well, what He had in store for me was all a part of His continuous work in my life – molding me more into the image of His son, Jesus (Romans 8:29). In first semester, the Holy Spirit really humbled me and revealed to me that my pride was hindering my relationship with Jesus. After that process, my second semester was characterized by growing closer to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. A passage of Scripture that the Lord gave to me that year was 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 (read it!). This passage of Scripture has been coming back to me recently as God has been showing me how He has worked powerfully in my weaknesses, and brought glory to Jesus through them. Today, I am still far from perfect, but His grace is there for me as I learn to walk with Jesus day by day.
Laura N.Lancaster, PAClass of 2012
Venture 2013
Laura N.Lancaster, PAClass of 2012
Venture 2013
"Jesus is the kind of man who is easy to know a lot about, but hard to actually know. Growing up, I quickly fell pray to a “religious Jesus”, trying to please people and impress a holy God. During my senior year of high school, the Lord began to change my desires to match up with his. Through some dear friends, the Lord brought me to MWSB with an open heart and a lifetime of pride. During my time at school, the Lord wonderfully and painfully rocked my world with who He is. He showed me how many things about the Bible I didn’t know, and I felt incredibly blessed to have so many different gifted men come and share their wisdom, insight, and even their opinions on Scripture. It was awesome to see them pushing us to know Jesus and his Word, not just to listen to their lectures. Jesus really just connected dots for me at MWSB. He took all the things I grew up with, all the things I was learning at school and brought everything together. It finally clicked. I slowly scratched the surface to understanding the helplessness and wickedness of my own heart, and how badly I needed to be rescued. Jesus revealed to me the simple concept of knowing Him, as opposed to having a list of what I can and cannot do as a Christian. I am now able to enjoy the pleasures of a love relationship with the God who created me. Jesus showed me that the more I spend time with him, the more I will know him, thus the more I will become like Him. Life is all about Jesus, and I’m so thankful He chose to teach me this in the beautiful Rockies.
Rachel BonnerOrofino, IDClass of 2013
Rachel BonnerOrofino, IDClass of 2013
"I came to MWSB to "strengthen my faith". I didn't even understand how weak my faith was. I come from a difficult family background that's christian, but hates organized religion. I always thought I needed to make up for their actions.Because of this I came into the year defensive and with a hard heart--tell-tale signs of a weak believer. All I wanted to do was prove that I could be a good christian woman. That I was "strong" in my faith. I had all my definitions wrong. Instead I learned that weakness is strength, humility is greatness--everything I wasn't. The staff at MWSB helped start me on a journey to becoming a woman of God in its truest meaning. In other words gentleness, humility, weakness, and kindness are what I now strive for. Because if all I have is Christ then this is all I can be. That year God gave me a total heart and mind transformation. "For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named, that according to the riches of his glory He may grant you to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God." Ephesians 3:14-19
Zach H.Mount Horeb, WIClass of 2011
Zach H.Mount Horeb, WIClass of 2011
"I often reflect on my time spent there in the Dearborn Canyon. It was the most transforming time in my life and it almost hurts to look at pictures of the good times we had because of how much I want to go back a re-live that time as a student. With that being said I also remember the endless nights filled with stress induced lack of sleep caused by worry of the career path choice inevitably to follow graduation day. I hated the idea of leaving school but I was so restless to move on that to say my mind was conflicted is a gross understatement. So many adventures were had and so many incredible friendships that will never be reunited were born in that short year. When driving away for the last time I literally felt the air go out of my lungs and my heart physically hurt. The year to follow for me was brutal to say the least. An ache for the friendships once had and a longing to fling myself off a cliff into a lake with the bro’s or dare to crawl up Steamboat Mountain in March only to get snowed in on the top by a wicked Montana storm. Adventure, friendship, risk, success…so much to do and so little time to do it in! So this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you that I have an answer we can all apply to our situations. All you have to do is tithe 10% of your income to me, join my congregation and I will lead you in the everlasting way and we can call it church! LOL..sorry. I went to MW because I had a very painful and bitter experience with my church but that’s over and we’ll leave that for another conversation. I can however, tell you what I feel every day since leaving that gorgeous safe haven called MW. I desire to Know God, to succeed at whatever I do, and to never settle for a life not worth living. That my friend’s means that the faithful staff at MW has done their job and I am a fool to think life was as good as it’s ever going to be in that school. I’m currently enjoying the most fulfilling career of my life and have an awesome church to be a part of and not to mention my family friken rocks! However, I’m still NEVER satisfied. This is, I BELIEVE, the way God intended for us to be and I learned this at MW. No mountain scaled was ever enough, no friendship formed was close enough, no bible study was deep enough….we were meant to live forever but sin came into the world and now we are cursed with death but death only stops us temporarily for we all know about Heaven and the life to come. I’ll close with this statement. We hunger because he designed us to need. We need because he created us to be satisfied. When we are not satisfied we look for satisfaction. Satisfaction will never be found in a broken world. The broken world will end soon so In the meantime, stay hungry. The Savior is coming and you don’t want to miss a single opportunity to taste and see that the Lord is good and he longs to satisfy his children.
The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid. - Thomas A Kempis

Montana Wilderness School of the Bible now has nearly 1,400 alumni who have gone through one-year of Bible school training on our campus since the fall of 1980. We have had alumni from 41 states, 7 Canadian provinces, and many countries around the world.

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By God’s grace, some things will never change about MWSB.
Thank you for telling others about God’s work here.
SINCE 1981.