Listed below are the services C Bar N can offer during your stay here. Details of your stay will be coordinated during the booking process.

Dearborn Canyon

Dining Hall

Food Services

C-N Mission will provide each rental group with 3 nutritious meals per day. All meals are freshly cooked and served in our dining hall, which can seat up to 120 people. Special requests for customized meals can be made by contacting our Summer Programming Director. We will try our best to accommodate each group’s wants and needs.

Rock Climbing Room


If your group is interested in activities throughout your rental period, C-N Mission staff can provide any of the following options: coordinating field games, belaying those interested in indoor rock climbing, coordinating hikes in the Dearborn Canyon, leading spelunking adventures to local caves and inner-tubing on the Dearborn River. Some of these activities will require pre-planning before your group arrives, so if you would like to arrange these activities (or others) for your group, please contact our Summer Programming Director for additional details.

Chapel Hall Facility


If you would like to be provided with a theme speaker for your group retreat, C-N Mission can help suggest potential candidates for the event. Our chapel is equipped for video, audio, and PowerPoint outputs and we also have a piano that is available for use.



Our grounds are beautifully maintained with green, well-kept lawns, shrubs, and colorful flowerbeds throughout the summer. Our maintenance staff works hard to ensure your group has a safe and enjoyable visit. If anything is not up to standard, our maintenance staff will work hard to meet your expectations and keep things neat, orderly, and maintained.

Hob Nob Snack Shop

Hob Nob Snack Shop

On our campus, we offer a snack shop (called the Hob Nob) where visitors can purchase snacks, drinks, and C-N Mission merchandise. If you would like to have access to this service, please coordinate that with our Summer Programming Director.



C-N Mission has six cabins, each cabin having four rooms, two upstairs and two downstairs. Each room can sleep up to 4 adults comfortably and additional bunk space can be made for children. The rooms are not equipped with linens, so each person in your group must bring their own bedding.