To-date, there are roughly 1,700 MWSB alumni scattered all over the world. See what others have to say about MWSB below. Alumni can request transcripts below as well.


Alumni Dylan

Dylan W.

Fairfield, Montana | MWSB Class of 2013

“I came to M-dub for the purpose of getting absolute certainty in my faith. I have always had doubts in my walk with Jesus, whether it was about if I truly believed in Him or was really saved. College football and the desire to get a degree that would enable me to get a high paying career was on my mind and was the other option to go for. But I knew, through prayer and the encouragement of a few fellow believers during my junior year in high-school that this is where I should go.

I have come to camps at the school before during the summers, but going to school there was a completely different rodeo. The Lord used mdub in my life to help me to see areas where I have been deceived. Reading God’s word, getting into a lifestyle of prayer and devotion towards Christ began revealing areas of unrecognized sin. The closer I got to Jesus the more He revealed the areas of the “flesh” that I was living in. Becoming more like Jesus wouldn’t have seemed like much of a sacrifice if I had held things in life a little more loosely. Jesus exposed a lot of pride in me that year and it was hard to let go of some stuff. At MWSB, Jesus can radically change you, but he can also do that else-where. Making m-dub “the” place to find God was a dangerous road that I was on at first. A faith like that is built on circumstance and not the Creator.

I have been tested so far at college in Butte, MT for that very thing. Circumstances (and people) haven’t been the greatest at times, and Jesus has revealed to me and has been helping me not have my feelings guide my faith. God is so much greater than our circumstances, because He has given Himself to us and dwells in us! New life, new nature, freedom, His word and Himself…really, what more do you need? During my time at mdub, Jesus showed me how much I was letting the “external” things control my “internal.” I wasn’t walking in the freedom that Christ HAS given. MWSB, I guess I could say, was a time of revelation, and if there is revelation it of course requires response. Living a life now in response and obedience through faith towards the God “who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to Him be the glory…” -Ephesians 3:20,21a

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Jessie T.

Colorado Springs, CO | MWSB Class of 2013, Venture 2014

“I was just about to finish up my Associates of Applied Sciences in Interior Design Degree, but wasn’t sure that I wanted to move forward with that career. Through a friend, I explored other options for my next year, and Bible College was one of those options. I knew of MWSB from going to church family camps as a kid here, but I didn’t know very much. Through the Lords provisions financially and circumstantially, I was able to make it to MWSB for the 2012—2013 school year. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I knew one thing: I would learn and grow much deeper in my relationship with Christ. I had no clue what that would exactly entail or where the Lord would bring me through the year, but I was excited.

One of the biggest things the Lord revealed to me was that the Christian walk is not based on works. I had previously been doing life to give a good outward appearance, but that wasn’t working. The Lord demonstrated for me his desire for me to know him more and more; furthermore, I began exploring the word more on my own and seeking a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I had grown up in the church, but it never seemed to click that this life is not about doing, but it’s about knowing Christ. As my love for Christ grows, my desire to serve him grows. Once again by the Lords provision, I am back at MWSB for the second year program. The Lord is constantly teaching me new things about Himself and myself, how to apply what I learned last year, and how to be a gospel-centered leader.”

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Alumni Jessie

Alumni Silas

Silas G.

Huntsville, Ontario | MWSB Class of 2012

“Early in high school, I already had it planned that I would attend a one-year Bible college after finishing school. By the time my grade 11 year (or Junior year for you Americans) came around, I basically decided against that plan; I would instead just “get on with my life” and go to university. However, God had a different plan and called me to commit one year of my life for the purpose of growing in Him. I had little idea of what that entailed, and when I arrived at MWSB I was not sure what God had in store for me there. Well, what He had in store for me was all a part of His continuous work in my life – molding me more into the image of His son, Jesus (Romans 8:29).

In first semester, the Holy Spirit really humbled me and revealed to me that my pride was hindering my relationship with Jesus. After that process, my second semester was characterized by growing closer to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. A passage of Scripture that the Lord gave to me that year was 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 (read it!). This passage of Scripture has been coming back to me recently as God has been showing me how He has worked powerfully in my weaknesses, and brought glory to Jesus through them. Today, I am still far from perfect, but His grace is there for me as I learn to walk with Jesus day by day.”

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Laura T.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania | MWSB Class of 2012, Venture 2013

“Jesus is the kind of man who is easy to know a lot about, but hard to actually know. Growing up, I quickly fell prey to a “religious Jesus”, trying to please people and impress a holy God. During my senior year of high school, the Lord began to change my desires to match up with his. Through some dear friends, the Lord brought me to MWSB with an open heart and a lifetime of pride. During my time at school, the Lord wonderfully and painfully rocked my world with who He is. He showed me how many things about the Bible I didn’t know, and I felt incredibly blessed to have so many different gifted men come and share their wisdom, insight, and even their opinions on Scripture. It was awesome to see them pushing us to know Jesus and his Word, not just to listen to their lectures.

Jesus really just connected dots for me at MWSB. He took all the things I grew up with, all the things I was learning at school and brought everything together. It finally clicked. I slowly scratched the surface to understanding the helplessness and wickedness of my own heart, and how badly I needed to be rescued. Jesus revealed to me the simple concept of knowing Him, as opposed to having a list of what I can and cannot do as a Christian. I am now able to enjoy the pleasures of a love relationship with the God who created me. Jesus showed me that the more I spend time with him, the more I will know him, thus the more I will become like Him. Life is all about Jesus, and I’m so thankful He chose to teach me this in the beautiful Rockies.”

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Alumni Laura

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