The Front Range of the Rocky Mountains just outside of Augusta was home to Warren Barrett. He grew up on a ranch and learned to love life on the prairie and in the mountains. After knowing each other for three weeks, he and Phyllis were married and they made their life, raising their four children on that ranch.

In the 60’s the Barrett’s had a desire to have a place for kids to come to camp. They approached the director of the American Sunday School Union and a few years later the C-N (Christ Bars None) Mission Board staked out a location for a camp on land the Barrett’s donated in the Dearborn Canyon.

By the late 60’s, the dining hall was used for meetings and the dorms were being built. Youth groups were coming up for retreats during the winter and for camps in the summer. While the facilities were very rustic, the beauty of the location drew people.

In the late 70’s a man by the name of Joe Greenebaum attended an event here at C-N and came up with the idea of a one-year Bible School.

After meeting with the board, Montana Wilderness Bible College (MWBC) became a reality. Second stories were added to the dorms. The chapel and dining hall were remodeled and a swimming pool and tennis courts were put in place. The first MWBC class arrived in the fall of 1981.

The Bible School program operated for five years as Montana Wilderness Bible College (MWBC). Approximately 250 students attended throughout these five years. The Bible School program had been closed for 2 years when the C-N Mission Board sought to re-open the school. In 1988, it opened as Montana Wilderness School of the Bible (MWSB). In 1989 John and Terry Erickson began to faithfully serve at C-N Mission and see the ministries and facilities grow throughout the next 23 years.

As of 2016, roughly 1,600 students have attended Montana Wilderness School of the Bible and a couple of thousand campers have attended C Bar N Summer Camps. C Bar N Ministries is God’s ministry and we are grateful for all He has done in the Dearborn Canyon through all these years.